RV Camping in North America

It has been nearly 14 years since we purchased our first travel trailer and began RV camping. Since then, we have logged RV trips to 62 Texas State Parks and visited National Parks and RV Campgrounds across seven states. And the journey continues.

Why RV Camping?

For as long as I can remember, I have desired to spend time outdoors. I didn't care whether I was fishing, canoeing, hiking, birding, or just soaking up the afternoon sun at a city park. I loved being outdoors. Being outside in the fresh air makes you feel alive and whole.

Spending time away from work and away from the everyday routine of home life gives you a new perspective. RV Camping is perfect for this. There is nothing like waking up in the morning to the sounds of nature and the smell of someone cooking breakfast on an open fire.

After breakfast, you might go for a hike through the woods. In the afternoon, you might take your canoe to the lake for paddling and fishing. In the evening, after a fine meal, you might relax by a campfire and reflect on the day's adventures.

Suddenly, that thing you were trying to figure out back at the office doesn't seem so impossible, issues at work don't seem so critical, and life at home is more solid than ever.

~ Matt

Road Trips - This page contains articles about some of the parks and places we have visited while RV camping.

RV Camping - This page provides general information about RV camping. It describes the various types and benefits of camping in an RV.

Tent Camping - Camping in a tent is a great way to introduce yourself and your family to camping and the outdoors. There are many parks to choose from that have sites designed for tent camping.

Camping Recipes - The camping recipes on this page are easy to cook and don't require many dishes, pots, or pans. To minimize the time we spend dishwashing, we use mainly paper products for tableware.

Texas Birding - This section is about our experiences birding various parks and locations around Texas. It also contains a database of the bird pictures we took along the way.

Night Sky - Stargazing is an excellent way to spend an evening far away from the city where light pollution is minimal.

RV Log - An RV log is an essential record that every RV owner should have. I use my RV Log to track the total mileage on my tires and wheel bearings. For example, the RV Log in this article is the one I use to keep track of trailer and tire mileage, etc., primarily for maintenance purposes.

Camping FAQ - This page hosts frequently asked questions by people new to RV camping.

Camping Checklists - You can customize your camping checklist by choosing either the RV Camping Checklist or the tent camping checklist. Select the items from the pre-populated list of camping items you want to add, then click the Build Camping List button.

Camping checklists you might find helpful: leaving camp sites when camping in an RV.

RV Trailer Maintenance - Everyone should be a believer in trailer maintenance.