The Dump Station

An RVer's Blog

If you own a travel trailer or other type of RV, you will meet fellow RVers who may share amusing experiences, especially at the Dump Station, before they get back on the road. Dumping your gray and black tanks is usually the last thing an RV owner does before leaving a campground.

Barking Dog

"Did you hear that spooky-sounding dog last night? The one that started out sounding like a screaming vampire that later morphed into a dog bark?" I said to a skinny, long-haired fellow parked next to me at the dump station. "Yes, I heard it," replied the skinny guy. "Did it keep you awake?" "No, but I bet it kept half the campground bug-eyed wondering what the hell was making that terrible ghostly sound," I said. "I wonder who owns that sick-sounding beast?" "Well, that would be my wife's dog," he said, pointing to a miniature mut sitting on a woman's lap in the front seat of his tow vehicle. Oh shit, I thought. "Well, he sure is a cute little feller," I said, wondering how to get my sized 13 boot out of my mouth.