Leaving RV Camping Sites

A Campsite Departure Checklist

Have you ever come from home from a camping trip and realized that there is something missing from your gear? Or worse, maybe you didn't realize an item is missing until your next camping trip, when you desperately need that piece of vital camping equipment. "Honey, did you get the latern that we had hanging from that tree?" "Uh... no... uh... I thought you got it..."

Before we began using our check-off list, we would discover things missing from time to time - cooking utinsils, gloves, tools, charcoal grill, propane lanterns (2), a hummingbird feeder, sewer connections... The list goes on.

We have also found items at campsites that other campers left behind.

Our leaving RV camping sites checklist also helps us remember the order we need to follow when preparing our travel trailer for departure from a campsite. Some tasks don't matter, but there are a few that are critical.

A perfect example is the raise the stabilizer jacks task. This needs to be done before you raise and lower the tongue jack to connect the trailer to the tow vehicle, because you might damage your stabilizer jacks before you discover your mistake.

Inside Checklist

Done Inside the RV
Secure shower door
Secure TV
Lower Antenna
Close ceiling vents
Close doors
Close cabinets
Secure Refridgerator Items

Outside Checklist

Done Outside the RV
Secure Awning
Raise stabilizer jacks**
Attach trailer to hitch ball and secure with hitch pin
Attach weight distribution bars
Attach sway controller
Attach safety chains
Secure emergency break-away cable
Disconnect fresh water hose
Disconnect external power supply
Connect umbilical to tow vehicle
Retract slide(s)
Raise steps
Remove chocks from trailer wheels
Empty Gray/Black water tanks
Police your campsite for gear

**Must be done before raising of lowering the hitch jack.

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