Shiner Brewery

April, 2011

The Shiner Brewery as it is known (since it is the only major brewery in Shiner, Texas), is actually called the Spoetzl Brewery, named after the brew master Kosmos Spoetzl.

Shiner Texas
Shiner, Texas

Before going any further, and in the spirit of the subject of beer, I think I'll open a Shiner Bock and sip on it while I reminisce about my afternoon at the Spoetzl Brewery. Ahhhh... That's good beer!

The Spoetzl Brewery was a memorable place. They had an excellent tour of the brewery, at the time of our visit, and you could sample beer while you wait for the tour to begin. Those were enough reasons for me to spend an afternoon there, but it isn't enough for you, then consider this; it's free! Yep, the tour and the beer cost absolutely nothing.

Of course you can't sit around and drink free beer all day, but you get several samples while you browse the well-stocked gift shop. I ended up buying a T-shirt and several souvenirs.

We visited the brewery while RV camping at nearby Palmetto State Park, in Ottine, Texas. We planned in advance to visit the Shiner brewery, since we had gone on this tour years ago and remembered how much fun it was.

Shiner Brewery
The Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, Texas

After the tour and the beer tasting, we started to get a little hungry. We asked the folks at the gift shop if they recommended a good place in town to eat. They told us about the Shiner Restaurant and Bar.

Shiner Restaurant
Shiner Restaurant and Bar

We ate some delicious hamburgers in the bar and drank a few more Shiner Bocks. Afterwards, we walked around town for a while and visited several small shops. It was a nice afternoon.

For more information on the Spoetzl Brewery and tour schedule, please visit their website at

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