Black Rock Park

June, 2012

Black Rock is a 25 acre LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) park located on the southwest shore of Lake Buchanan. In 2012 there were 15 sites with full hookup, about 20 tent sites, and 12 small one-room cabins (however, they were building 5 or so more while we were there).

The park was named after the large black colored granite rock located across HWY 261 - so says the park host, who heard it from an "old-timer" a few years ago. It makes sense though.

Our main motivation for coming to this park is the un-improved property that we recently purchased within walking distance of the park. We figure camping here is a lot like camping on our property, but with electricity and sewer hookups.

Lake Buchanan
Lake Buchanan at Black Rock Park

Black Rock park is located about 17 miles east of Llano, Texas.  Llano is the home of Cooper's BBQ (rated top 10 BBQ in Texas by KVET radio a few years ago).

The park is also not far from the Fall Creek Vineyard located in Tow, Texas (pronounced "toe") to the north. It is about 4 miles from Inks Lake state park, and also not far from Longhorn Caverns state park a little further down Park Road 4.

On the first night at Black Rock park, we were sitting outside enjoying the evening air and suddenly, after the sun went down, the trees became alive with the sound of katydids.

Sounds of the Night (katydids)

I'd heard this sound in the woods my whole life, but never knew what little creature was making it. The sound was always coming from a tree high enough and far enough away, that actually finding the creature seemed out of reach.

But in Black Rock park, there were so many of these little creatures making this sound, that it was easy to locate one in a branch about 10 feet from our RV. Alas, the mystery is solved - katydids.

We spent Saturday afternoon watching this mockingbird build a nest in the same branch of the tree that our katydid resided in the night before.


We didn't see many varieties of birds while we were at the park, but I managed to get this picture of a turkey buzzard flying overhead.

Turkey Buzzard
Turkey Vulture

We enjoyed our stay at Black Rock Park and plan to go back in the middle of the summer, but this time we'll spend plenty of time in the lake!  I'm sure the afternoon temperatures will be in the 100s.

RV Camping at Black Rock Park, Buchana Dam, Texas
RV Camping at Black Rock Park, Buchanan Dam, Texas

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